Game Servers

Game Servers in dotsi

Our game servers are housed in a data center with high reliability in Lisbon, ensuring pings with an average of 10 ms for all national ISPs.

Features of our servers:

  • 1000 FPS
  • TeamSpeak 2 & 3
  • Automatic activation
  • Automatic installation of plugins and maps
  • Automatic installation of sound and pictures
  • Remote console
  • See in real time everything that happens on your server and send commands or even discover why not start if you've mistaken the map or install a plugin.
  • Hybrid Protocol
  • Our CS servers allows players simultaneously using protocol 47 or 48.
  • Tickrate 100 free
  • Included in all Source servers.
  • Free public server
  • Possibility to have the server public or private without any cost.
  • dotGS
  • Exclusive panel developed by dotsi. Would you like to have a new feature? Unlike panels from other companies, ours is 100% customizable. Give us ideas, we we apply lass !

When purchasing a game server, you can also have these extras for only 5 €:

  • 2GB of host with unlimited traffic, and cPanel support PHP / MySQL / RoR (Ruby on Rails)
  • Fast downloads and automatic BZ2
  • Automatic installation of HLstatsX or Xaseco + RemoteCP

Want more? Get a Premium server for just € 10 and get:

  • VIP Technical Support
  • Automatic notification in case of server failure game
  • Resolution ultrafast of problems installing maps / plugins / addons
  • 1000 FPS guaranteed
  • Quality game supreme!