What makes dotsi the best choice for the supply of their personal or business needs in terms of information technology (TI)?

dotsi is a company of Portuguese origin, based in the heart of Lisbon, established in the field of Internet and growing since 2010.

dotsi provides its clients many of the most popular Internet solutions currently in the residential and business IT, whose quality is assured 24/7 for high performance servers and domestic traffic with internet connections 10 Gbps dedicated.

This is how we can provide the best access times and very low latencies on links to all national and international ISPs, while maintaining a price / exceptional quality.

Combining all this with a multidisciplinary team of excellent professionals always willing to help, it is our mission to provide the best of the Internet to our customers and in return get your total satisfaction.

Dotsi, Unipessoal Lda. is developing the #6924 Portugal2020 project, within the Research and Development field, with an investment of € 20,000.00 and a corresponding incentive of € 15,000.00, aiming to implement a new solution that allows Increase computer security in the network, creating methodologies, programs and developing configurations of equipment that allow the efficient blocking of computer attacks using computational intelligence

The data center

dotsi accompanies the latest technologies and practices in data centers. We have our own space in a data center located in Lisbon, which can be visited at any time. If you wish to schedule a visit today contacting our sales department.


  • Physical security and access control with CCTV permanent
  • System monitoring and control of temperature and humidity
  • Redundant system for automatic detection and extinguishing of fires, based on HFC-23, a gas harmless to the ozone layer, with low toxicity and do not present risks to humans or to electrical


  • Transformer stations with redundant high capacity
  • Redundant UPS System
  • System redundant diesel generators


  • Entries fiber optics in our data center, separate and redundant
  • Redundant links of high speed (10 Gbps) several operators
  • Presence GigaPIX, in Lisbon, to allow the direct exchange of traffic with national operators

In order to guarantee a high level of availability and service excellence, we monitor constantly all the conditions of the data center. The vast know-how of our team allows us to act quickly and effectively in solving problems as necessary.